It’s a season of new around here. Lord willing this time next week we will be homeowners. In Kansas. I never, ever thought I’d be a Kansan, but we just don’t ever know what this adventure we call, “Life,” holds, do we?

If everything goes as planned, we will close on this house next Monday.


We are looking so forward to having a place that is our own, that can look like us and I CAN PARK IN THE GARAGE!!!!! Yay!! Many of the garages here just aren’t built for the Swagger Wagon and when it’s cold it’s no fun. #firstworldproblem I hear your tiny violins.

Also, there’s just an unsettled feeling that comes along with renting in a new place. It’s true for me, anyway. There’s a mental block to really getting comfortable and meeting neighbors when you think you’ll be moving soon. It shouldn’t be that way, but as an introverted sort of person, it’s a lot of work meeting new people. I think I’m getting better at it, though. I intend to know our neighbors by first and last name in this new little cul-de-sac we’ll be living in.

For now we’ve been busy packing, sorting and cleaning out while at the same time keeping the house in good enough condition to show it to potential renters. (By the way I apologize to anyone I haven’t responded to or communicated with over the last couple of weeks. My brain is in single-focus mode!) We really need someone to take over our lease, so it’s like having a house on the market for sale. It proves challenging when you’ve got boxes everywhere, but we’re grateful that the owners are willing to let us out of the lease when they find a renter.

There’s much more new going on in my heart, as well, that I hope to share when I get time. I had to take a break from blogging for a while for reasons I’ll share later, but I’ve been mentally blogging for months. I just want to get it right and say it well when I finally put it down for other people’s eyes.

Know what I mean? I know you do.

Just wanted to drop a quick update. Got to get back to packing, packing, packing.

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