Doing nothing on purpose

Today I made a conscious decision to accomplish basically nothing. I’d say I was pretty successful.

Riley and I made a run to Walmart


I relaxed on the porch and watched the kids ride bikes


I made fun of a neanderthal/sasquatch family #sorryaboutthat


I sat under a shower of pink flower petals


I painted my nails a delightful shade of blue


I did a lot of this


I took selfies with Riley


Corban and I played with Dubsmash
(apparently WordPress doesn’t like video, so here’s a super cute still)


I ate a Peep. Just one. But it’s apparent that someone else has been here, too. #whaticanthearyou


I listened to a lot of Josh Garrels


Essentially, I gave myself the day off. I know, I know. I just went away for the weekend. I’m over being legalistic and keeping score of things like that.

I’ve been overwhelmed with the to-do list and with processing things in my heart, so I TOOK A STINKIN’ DAY OFF.


I breathed. I stilled my mind. I spent time in God’s presence. I enjoyed the kids, who didn’t have school today.

Why do I bother you with this information? I don’t know. Because maybe you need permission to take a day off. It’s hard to accomplish nothing on purpose. Do it anyway.

Guess what?! All the stuff I didn’t do is still there, waiting for tomorrow. I didn’t have anything pressing (I hope!). The world didn’t stop spinning.

And now I’m off to make an easy supper and watch Big Hero 6 with the kids.

I am satisfied with my care 😉


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