I’ve Become That Mom [sniff]

Well, it’s happened.

I’ve turned into That Mom. The one who sits and goes through old pictures, crying, because my baby is graduating.

This is the one that got to me this morning:


I remember when I took this picture. Caeley used to love to go see the ducks that hung out at the nursing home across the pond from us when we lived in our apartment in Auburn. I thought they were so cute sitting there together.

What got me was remembering her chubby cheeks and legs and her little hands that I know are folded in her lap. She’s so little here.

Now she looks like this…


And this…


She has grown into a beautiful young woman. She’s smart, funny, kind, fierce, adventurous and fearless. Those last two make me nervous…and will surely cause my prayer life to grow!

She is finishing up her senior year and will be headed to William Jewell in August to begin the Oxbridge Honors program. She’ll be a Literature and Theory major and will also study Physics. It remains to be seen whether that will be a major or a minor.


Jewell is only 45 minutes away, so we’ll still be able to see her often. That is, except for her junior year, which she will spend at Oxford University. I’m excited for that opportunity and for the freedom she will have to travel throughout Europe while she’s there.

She’ll gain a lot of valuable experience that way. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to help her move in and make sure everything is up to par. It’s the only right thing to do.

Caeley is a gifted writer, a deep thinker and has a passion for truth and justice (I just made her sound like a superhero with a keyboard). I can’t wait to see how all of that comes together.

Mamas, if you’ve got a little girl at home that is strong-willed, independent and too big for her britches, take heart! I know it has its challenges, but hang on and keep pointing her in the right direction.

This child was all of those things, at times – and still is, to a degree. It has settled into focus, discipline and drive. I am not concerned whether she will lead or follow – she will stand alone to stand for what’s right, if necessary.

I am beyond proud to be your mom, Caeley. You challenge me in the best ways. You’ve got a beautiful heart. Keep turning it towards the Lord and keep asking the hard questions. Never stop laughing and never stop being you.

I love you and can’t wait to see your future unfold.


Always and forever.


If anyone needs me, I’ll be on the couch with my box of kleenex and powdered doughnuts.

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