Better to Bloom Late… **


This has kind of become my personal motto – well, motto is a bad way to describe it; maybe it’s like a mini pep talk. It’s slightly sarcastic, but that’s me (sorry if you peaked early).

I realized yesterday that I had been saying this to myself as an encouragement – because, yes, I do talk to myself. And today I thought I might not be the only late bloomer out there. Of course, I’m not.

I was a late bloomer in my early years. Tall, skinny and built like a boy til my late teens. I hated it.

Lately I’ve been thinking that I might still be a late bloomer. That feeling I’ve talked about where I don’t feel like I’m really excellent in any area of life, or just not great at any one thing?

It might be that I’m blooming late again. Maybe it’s just taking me longer than others to find my groove.

I think it’s a fun thought because who knows what’s ahead? It could be anything.

This is a short and sweet post – I just wanted to share for my late bloomer friends.

It’s never too late to become who you are.

That sounds like psycho babble, doesn’t it? But I’m serious…we try to be so many things in life that sometimes we are never ourselves.

God wants to use you, not some version of you that you or others crafted. It requires us to lose our self-consciousness.

I don’t think it’s even supposed to be all that complicated – not some deep thing we have to figure out.

You never know what might happen. If you haven’t bloomed yet, be comforted – at least you didn’t peak early.


**this post is not a statement about the value I place on being a mother. I haven’t fully bloomed in motherhood either – I’d love to, though 😉 It’s not about vocation, specifically. Loving God and loving people are the highest goods a person can do.

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