Chasing Fireflies


I was watching the kids trying to catch fireflies and it occurred to me that following God can be a lot like that.


To catch a firefly you have to chase the occasional flickers of light you see. You follow his trail, standing in the last place you saw the light until you see another flash. Then you move to that spot – this dot-to-dot kind of game continues until you’ve finally caught up to the bug.


In the same way, in life, we follow the little flickers of illumination God gives us. Sometimes they are frequent, sometimes not. When we don’t have any light, so to speak, the thing to do is to stay in the last place you saw it, until the next step is illuminated.

We must be patient to catch fireflies and we must be patient when following God. There’s really no rush to get anywhere (He’s more interested in building a person than a life plan), and part of the fun is the chase, the adventure.

Just enjoy it.

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