Dynamic Faith

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I’ve been thinking.

The Christian faith is meant to be dynamic (as opposed to stagnant). Better said, our understanding of it and our living it out, is meant to be dynamic. The faith itself is essentially unchanging, but we, both individually and corporately, should be characterized by change and process. 

Most of us would agree about that. We know we should be growing and changing for better – we hope to be more like the God we follow and bear His image in truer and truer ways.


while we say we understand that, we often fight against anything that challenges our views and beliefs. We can be really unwilling to let go of our preconceived ideas about the way things work.

Questions become taboo because we are afraid of the answers. We’re afraid of challenging the status quo. We are so uncomfortable with discomfort.

But that’s often the way change happens – something has to propel us into deeper understanding. Something has to push us out of our ruts. 

When we can’t tolerate people’s questions or disagreements I have to think it’s because we are deeply afraid. 

I used to be afraid of my questions, because I had so many, and I was told that I was supposed to be sure all the time. 

But a faith that can’t withstand questions or troubles is an untested faith. It’s maybe not so deep. Our roots go down deep when we have to go searching for water, when we have to stretch and reach for it.

Really it’s just the process of faith becoming real to us. It’s moving from simply knowing the words on a page to knowing the Living Word. 

I really think the most dangerous questions are the ones we never ask. 

I’ve become convinced that while I may not always get answers to my questions, I can come to a place in which I am satisfied. 

I can come to a place of peace, but it only comes by exposing the uncertainty and understanding the mercy of God in the midst of it. 

I do have some non-negotiables. The basic tenets of the Christian faith are not up for revision with me. However, how things are lived out can change, and should change as I become more like Him.

May we all remain pliable, moldable clay in the Potter’s hands. 

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