The will of God – a small thought on a big topic

Over the years I’ve had questions about God’s will for me and I’ve known people who struggled, wondering what God’s will was for their lives or in specific situations. It can be a real source of stress for people.

I really believe it would settle many people’s hearts to understand that, biblically speaking, God’s will for us has more to do with who we’re becoming than where we’re going or what we’re doing (character development).

We’re so “doing” focused, aren’t we?

The more we become like Him, and become who we are meant to be, the more we’ll do what we’re supposed to do.

The more we become the “right” people, the more we’ll be doing the right things – which, at the most basic level, is loving God and loving our neighbor, wherever we find ourselves in the world. 

I believe it can really be that simple. Focus on who you’re becoming and the rest will begin to fall into place. 

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