Unfriended in the time of Pandemic

Yesterday, I ran across one of the most heinous Facebook posts I’ve seen in a while. I can’t find it to quote directly, because the person who shared it unfriended me.

In summary the post, which was re-shared by a Christian woman who said she wished she could take credit for the words, said:

• This outbreak is a conspiracy. The government is going to take over.

• Its just a virus like the flu. Chill.

• You’re an idiot if you are complying with this “bullshirt” quarantine stuff

• It only kills the elderly and have you heard of natural selection? This is what it supposed to happen.

• It is not my job to make sure other people are safe, “There I said it!” she said. You are not my responsibility.

That’s the gist. I responded to the poster, who I only know as an acquaintance, but she most definitely identifies as a committed Christian. I said, essentially, “I’m going to need to see this person’s Doctor of Medicine certificate. Also, it was Cain who asked, ‘Am I my brothers keeper?’ Yes, in times like this, we are one another’s keeper.”

She never responded with words – no discussion, no argument. She simply unfriended me. I will not miss her, as we hardly know one another, but the inability to be challenged, as a fellow Christian, is astonishing. I’m still appalled by what I read.

On any other day I’m willing to bet she is a card carrying young earth, six day creationist, but in this time of inconvenience, her fear has her touting survival of the fittest.

Unmitigated fear is ugly, y’all. I’m sure she is pro-life, as well, but not for the elderly or immunocompromised.

People like that cannot be reasoned with, as evidenced by her simply ending the conversation forever.

I only have this to say: Christian love is a self-sacrificial love. We absolutely do inconvenience ourselves to care for one another. Suffering love is our model. The elderly do matter. Government conspiracy or not (and I think not), our response is the same: take care of our neighbors.

That means we are to be a neighbor. “Who is my neighbor,” is never a question. The question is always, “to whom can I be a neighbor?”

I hope this woman does not contact coronavirus, because I’m afraid she is dangerously close to the age at most risk.

I pray for people to stop spreading conspiracy theory, and focus on the task at hand. Stay home and check on your people. Drop supplies on people’s front porches and leave. Shop for one another while you’re out. Use Venmo to exchange funds. This is what my neighbors and I are doing.

Use technology to stay connected. Don’t stress about schooling your kids. This is a unique time and there will be so much grace given. Set up Facetime play dates, and visits with family. Hang up those Christmas lights and light some candles. Turn off social media for most of the day (that one is mostly for me 😬). Be kind and think of others. We are sacrificing our own lives temporarily for the greater good. This is the call.

Stay human, y’all. 

3 thoughts on “Unfriended in the time of Pandemic

  1. I cannot imagine someone who is a “good” person voicing thoughts like those on social media. I cannot imagine a Christian having those thoughts in private. Preach on Ashley. Your response is kind and well articulated. She doesn’t know it yet, but this woman will miss having you for a friend. xoxo

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